talech Register is our first talech branded solution that includes the latest Android hardware offering, an aesthetically pleasing design, and an improved out of box experience. Very competitive rental pricing, as well as easy to order Restaurant and Retail packages make this an ideal option for new talech merchants.


talech Register

Key Features

  • Ease and onboarding speed with updated single select packages (Restaurant and Retail) in front end boarding tools
  • Supports talech Credit Card Surcharge and Invoicing*
  • Choice of talech Software package
  • 15.6″ merchant facing touchscreen display
  • 10″ integrated customer facing touchscreen (option for external CFD)
  • Full control / I/O panel


talech Register

Improved out of box experience

  • Purchase order information in box
  • Getting Started Guide in box
  • Reduced cost for talech Assisted Set up (formerly Getting Started)

Suitable for

  • Mid to large merchants
  • Brick & mortar presence
  • Require a full Register solution
  • Restaurant & Retail verticals