PPS has partnered with 3Delta Systems to offer Internet-based systems for processing credit cards and purchasing cards delivering peace of mind to B2B, B2G and B2C customers by increasing their productivity, cutting operating costs, lowering business risk and strengthening security. 3DSI’s complete suite of payment solutions are designed to be scalable, easy to implement and conform with PCI Data Security Standard best practices so that merchants and buyers can manage, authorize and settle credit card and P-card transactions in real-time.

PPS presents 3DSI to help customers:

  • Accept Payments in real-time or batch files with encrypted transactions. Payment WorkSuite® offers products that process payments via Web browser (EC-Zone®), in real-time (EC-Linx®) or via batch file (EC-Batch®). CardVault®  offers powerful processing with the added security of tokenization of customer card data and safe card storage. Both Payment WorkSuite and CardVault offer B2B customers potentially huge savings on interchange rates with Level-3 data support.
  • Secure Payments with CardVault tokenization that lightens customers PCI compliance burden. With CardVault, companies keep card data off their systems and out of the way of hackers and cyber-thieves. Card storage can be a stand-alone service or bundled with processing, and it integrates with SAP or other enterprise resource planning systems.
  • Make Payments to suppliers/vendors with EC-Pay®, a buyer-initiated payment system that allows payments through traditional credit card processing networks. Our customers control the transaction, so invoices and payments always match, and no action is required by suppliers to receive payment.