International Currency Solutions

Drive sales and create new revenue streams by offering currency conversion to travellers in person and accepting international currencies online. When using a Visa or Mastercard, international cardholders will see the price in their home currency, eliminating confusion and streamlining checkout.

Dynamic Currency Conversion

Credit cards make it convenient for consumers to pay and go, but understanding statements might not be as simple. Streamline the conversion process with our dynamic currency conversion (DCC) solution. When a qualified Visa or Mastercard is used, DCC automatically converts a business’s local currency into the visiting cardholders’ home currencies at the point of sale, offering instant conversion to more than 66 global currencies.

Good for customers – good for you

International travelers will appreciate the ability to pay and receive statements in their local currencies, giving you the opportunity to attract more business. dynamic currency conversion is easy to set up on all your terminals, with no disruption to payment processing. Best of all, you’ll receive a rebated commission on your statement for every DCC transaction. The more international business you accept, the more you can earn.

DCC translates to simpler statements and fewer chargebacks

There’s no guessing with DCC. Cardholders will know exactly what to expect when they receive their card statements because the statement and the receipt will match. Each receipt clearly lists the conversion rate and fee, as well as the final price in the cardholders’ home currency. This upfront transparency reduces the risk of chargebacks due to unrecognized transaction amounts on customers’ statements.

We handle all the details

If you’re worried that maintaining a currency conversion program will be challenging, don’t. DCC is an end-to-end solution and we manage all the details on your behalf. Conversion rates are accurate, market driven and updated daily. From acceptance to conversion to funding, we’ve got you covered.

Multi-currency conversion

MCC is a simple way to attract international customers while serving them in their native currencies. Open your business to the world while reducing currency confusion, improving customer satisfaction and reducing shopping cart abandonment. MCC allows you to display prices in the currencies you choose to support and enables customers to shop in the currency they’re familiar with. Funding to you will be local, eliminating the hassle of currency conversion for you, too.