Payment Partnering Made Easy.
Flexible, Secure End-to-End Payment Solutions

A Solution for Every Scenario
At PPS, we understand there’s no one-size fits all approach to meeting the today’s payment needs. That’s why we’ve designed our partner program with a variety of certification, business and partnership levels so that you can tailor the program that works best for you.

We Help You Drive Business
PPS reduces the complexity in delivering payment connectivity, saving you development time and costs by delivering a true end-to-end solution. Our partnership model is designed to maximize your business opportunities by offering turn-key solutions with robust security and payment options including utilizing encryption, tokenization, EMV and the latest NFC such as Apple Pay.

EMV – ready Now
PPS offers a gateway that is EMV certified and ready now. Add EMV in less time and with less expense than creating/certifying your own code and avoid the stress that would accompany those challenges.

Future of Payments
NFC, Apple Pay, mobile wallets, pay-at-the-table, regulation, compliance and risk. The speed of change is faster than ever. Is your business prepared for the future?

Suite of Security Offerings
Protect your customers and reduce the scope of PCI though Elavon’s suite of security solutions including EMV, tokenization, encryption and our secure gateway.