Making the Grade in Payment Processing

Your students have grown up in an era of technology-enabled convenience. So, it’s no surprise that they expect smooth, easy processing of their tuition and other payments. We’ll ensure that you can offer the most convenient, secure ways for them to pay.

Pass The Payments Test

Being able to offer a variety of payment options means you could be getting paid faster. Be ready to accept an increasingly diverse variety of payments, including mobile wallets, debit cards, ACH and third-party payment apps.

Currency Fluent

Welcome international students with all the latest payment methods and help them pay with confidence by displaying fees and purchase totals in up to 90 currencies with our dynamic currency conversionoffering.TALK TO US

Cross Campus Payments

From online tuition fees to dining hall extras, track and manage every payment for simplified operations and reduced costs. With our online customer portal, you can access your account information anytime, anywhere to see in real-time how your payments are performing.

Why choose PPS Canada for education payment solutions

Managed service fee program

Reduce or offset transaction costs with our managed service fee program. We will work with the card networks on your behalf to set-up and manage a service fee program. Reduced effort for you while offsetting the cost of payment acceptance.

American Express® Public sector program

Process American Express payments the same as you would with other card brands. One statement, one point-of-contact and the same speed of pay – only available with Elavon.

Smart security

Protect students’ sensitive data throughout the payment lifecycle with security solutions that combine EMV acceptance, encryption and tokenization.

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Simplify payments with one platform for all of your payment needs—online, in-person and on-the-go with our Converge Mobile app.

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