PPS and SoCal Payroll have joined forces to provide an optimal value in your payroll services. This is offered to all PPS customers that are mid-sized to very large employers. Our focus on superior service, competitive pricing, accuracy, reliability, advanced technology, and a complete suite of products and services has enabled us to become one of the fastest growing payroll service providers in the nation. Our client base includes a growing list of companies across a wide variety of diverse industries, and we are very experienced in handling even the most difficult payroll complexities.

Our Goal

PPS and SoCal Payroll are determined to do one thing exceptionally well: Provide outsourced solutions that enable employers to effortlessly manage their payroll.

Your Needs

As a successful company, you recognize the need to focus your resources on core business functions rather than on business support services. At the same time, you want a payroll service that provides the flexibility you require. At SoCal Payroll, employers no longer need to sacrifice service for the sake of efficiency. We specialize in understanding the needs of companies that are looking for a personalized, service-based solution.

Our Clients

PPS clients  are taking advantage of SoCal Payroll’s services because it adds value to their business. Many of our clients had experienced poor service from the larger payroll companies because of an inflexible, high volume approach toward payroll processing. In contrast, Socal Payroll takes a more personalized perspective toward service delivering the versatility, responsiveness and individual attention as well as the accuracy and reliability that you require and deserve from your payroll service provider.

To request more information |  info@ppsusa.com