CANNABIS Merchant Boarding is now available with PPS Canada!

Per Government regulations, only government approved retailers or distributors that are on the approved list of licensed producers or retailers can be boarded. Additionally, all applications will need to have the associated AML documents (see list below for approved documents)

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Approved Documents (select one)

  • AA | Articles of Amendment
  • AI | Articles of Incorporation
  • ASF | Annual Securities Filing
  • BL | Business License (Provincial/Federal)
  • BNR | Business Name Report
  • BR | Business Registration
  • BYLAW | Bylaws
  • CI | Certificate of Incorporation
  • CIAF | Corporation’s published annual report signed by an independent audit firm
  • CPR | Corporate Profile Report from Provincial or Federal Sites
  • CS | Certificate of Status
  • FCA | Federal Certificate of Amalgamation
  • GOVC | Government (Industry Canada)
  • IPFG | Incorporation documents filed with the Province or Federal Government (Industry Canada)
  • LP | Letters Patent
  • NC | Notice of Change
  • NCD | Name Change documents filed with the Province or Federal Government (Industry Canada)
  • PA | Partnership Agreements
  • RCTA | Letter or Notice of assessment from a municipal, provincial, territorial or Federal government (Revenue Canada Tax Assessment)