EC-Zone: Browser-based virtual payments

EC-Zone is a virtual payment system designed for manually processing purchase card and credit card payments.

Use your existing system with no special hardware or software. All that is required is a Web browser and Internet access. EC-Zone is fully integrated into Payment WorkSuite, a high-performance payment platform that gives businesses of every size the ability to manage the increasing complexity of payment and data security requirements.

Use EC-Zone as a stand-alone application, or add other components of Payment WorkSuite — CardVault, EC-Linx and EC-Batch — to fit your needs, with confidence that the applications will work together seamlessly.

Tough Flexible Security: 

EC-Zone lets you streamline your PCI requirements by storing and managing card data in 3DSI’s dedicated network and world-class data centers.

Identify and intercept threats — from inside or out:

  • Apply customized checks, restrictions and tolerances to alleviate or avoid costs associated with high-risk transactions. Set your own transaction processing thresholds.
  • Create unique login credentials and assigned permissions for each user to control their level of access.

Fast Convenient Processing

With EC-Zone’s real-time processing, the card is verified and the transaction is authorized in seconds. And that’s not the only way you’ll save time. With EC-Zone you can:

  • Store customer and cardholder profile information for reuse.
  • Create templates to make recurring transactions simple.
  • Begin a transaction by copying a prior one. Modify just the information that needs to be changed and send it through.
  • Populate line-item fields on the fly with predictive type-ahead search that draws from previously entered information.

And your customers automatically receive email transaction confirmations.

Simple Set up and Management

You can completely avoid software setup, as 3DSI hosts the application and delivers it to you via “software as a service,” or SaaS. This means you can be up and running quickly and leave 3DSI to manage service and security updates, training and other maintenance.

Custom Branding

Merchants can add their logos to transaction receipts issued to their customers for added polish and brand recognition. Other customization options are available too:

  • Use your logo in place of the Payment WorkSuite logo throughout the application.
  • Change the default color of your portal to one of three stock color schemes.
  • Let us create a custom log-in URL that ties the portal closely with your company’s website URL.

Most customization services carry a simple one-time fee.

Interchange Rate Discounts

For B2B and B2G purchasing cards, you can get the best rates available by using EC-Zone’s Level-3 line-item detail on transactions. And the application supports card association security requirements, like address verification, needed to qualify for lower cost interchange rates.

American Express Direct

With EC-Zone, you can process your transactions directly with American Express, giving your AmEx customers a faster, simpler and safer transaction. American Express Direct also qualifies your business for the lowest available interchange rate on transactions with enhanced data.

How it Works


  1. Order Entry – Transaction information and payment card data is entered into the merchant’s ERP order entry or billing system where it is stored for later processing.
  2. Transaction File Transmission – The merchant’s ERP, order entry or billing system sends an encrypted file containing transaction information and payment card data to 3Delta Systems® via EC-Zone®.
  3. Authorization Request – 3DSI sends transaction information and payment card data to the card network for processing.
  4. Authorization Response – The card network provides 3DSI with the transaction results.
  5. Transaction Results – 3DSI places an encrypted file containing transaction results on an FTP server where the merchant’s ERP, order entry or billing system retrieves it.
  6. Order Completion – The merchant’s ERP, order entry or billing system is updated with the transaction results.