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Fanfare makes your customers as loyal to your business as you are.

There’s a passion for and a loyalty to customers and business that only a small business owner can understand. Fanfare understands it, too. That’s why we made it possible for you to offer your customers the kinds of targeted deals and enticing rewards they used to get only at chains and big-box stores.

Fanfare, from Elavon, is a fully integrated, easy-to-use program that delivers loyalty rewards, promotions, offers, and gift cards that your customers crave. And with Fanfare, your customers will know they’re not just appreciated, but celebrated.

Elavon’s Fanfare Advantages

  • Easy to use: No separate hardware, no complex installation—just download the software and go.
  • Frictionless POS experience: Fanfare integrates seamlessly with your payment processing at the point of sale (POS) and provides easy enrollment options. New promotions are presented as part of the checkout process.
  • Real-time redemption: Automatically track loyalty points and present rewards and offers that can be instantly redeemed at checkout.
  • No expiration: Loyalty rewards never expire.
  • Meaningful metrics and insights: A simple reporting, analytics, and management dashboard lets you measure program effectiveness while capturing shopper data in a customer database for future offers and communications.
  • All-in-one solution: With Fanfare, you get Elavon’s expertise, a loyalty program, and secure payment processing in one integrated package, along with the support of one dedicated service team.
  • 88% of retailers with rewards programs are more profitable than their competitors without one (2011 Deloitte Retail Study)
  • 84% of loyalty program members are likely to choose a retailer with a rewards program over a competitor (ACI Worldwide, January 2012)
  • 57% of consumers modify when and where they buy in order to maximize loyalty program benefits (The 2013 Maritz Loyalty Report, Maritz Loyalty Marketing, US Edition, May 2013)
  • 54% of consumers would consider increasing the business they do with a company for a loyalty reward (ClickFox, April 2012)

Key Fanfare Program Features

Loyalty Rewards: Say thanks to repeat shoppers Turn new customers into regular shoppers with an automatic invitation to join your loyalty program. They can join with as little as a phone number—no coupons, cards, or key chains. Fanfare automatically tracks loyalty points, rewards, and offers for you both.

Gift Cards: Advertise your brand There’s a lot to like about gift cards: Customers give the cards to others, helping promote your business, especially when the cards feature your logo. And 75% of gift card shoppers spend more than the value of the gift card! (Mercator Advisory Group, 2013)

Promotional Cards: Attract new customers Extend your marketing without overextending your budget. A small-dollar promotional card offer is a low-risk way to encourage new customers to visit your business, where your own great products, service, and loyalty offers can keep them coming back.

Custom Offers: Invite visitors to check out new merchandise Use your Business Dashboard to set up custom offers—one time only, time-based, or a percentage or dollar amount—then email them to members, who will also see the offer at checkout. You can see your results by tracking offers redeemed and revenue generated in real time.

Branded Member Site: Loyalists can track their rewards Your Fanfare loyalty program includes a website branded with your business name and logo at a unique URL, where customers can register, track their rewards progress, and view available rewards. You get valuable insight on every customer who registers.

Comprehensive Business Dashboard: Stay informed The Business Dashboard is your center for customer reporting, analytics, and program management. Measure program effectiveness in real time, learn when and how often customers visit and spend, and use detailed shopper data to tailor future offers. Key Fanfare Program Features ©2014

Start Celebrating Now

New customers and happier current customers, higher sales, and repeat business— Fanfare gives everyone something to celebrate. Sign-up is easy, so get started now at, or call (310) 234-2411